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Silver Palm Sauvignon Blanc
6B7C1BA7-9479-422F-886B-4D1344DD1F7B 6B7C1BA7-9479-422F-886B-4D1344DD1F7B
2014 Silver Palm Pinot Noir
AC120196-B5EC-44B5-A457-FA923CE41AA8 AC120196-B5EC-44B5-A457-FA923CE41AA8
2013 Silver Palm Merlot
D6956FB4-2E8F-41AC-AE6A-2C4547E95AD9 D6956FB4-2E8F-41AC-AE6A-2C4547E95AD9
Silver Palm Cabernet Sauvignon
C8D67FDD-E9C7-4A82-B721-E1CF27D2BFAE C8D67FDD-E9C7-4A82-B721-E1CF27D2BFAE